NEST — Decentralized Gamers Hub

It connects game developers and players. NEST is flexible, so you can use our Smart Contracts written on WAX blockchain to plug your game into our platform at a minimum effort.

NEST is developed by, one of WAX GUILDS.

There are two ways you can use NEST right now:


For simple single player games, you even no need to know any blockchain coding. Just use our smart contracts, call them in appropriate places of your server code and voila.


For more complex games, you might need to code your blockchain smart contracts and still use NEST for a big part of what is needed. Details are below.

In order to start with NEST you need to submit your game details into our smart contract by using a single action call, once submitted NEST has to review and approve information.

Next step is to set up core elements in NEST in order to be a part of the whole NEST ecosystem.

Those are achievements, card drops, badges and leaderboards. Those are of course optional, but as many as you implement will build integrity across other gamers and games in the NEST ecosystem.


Achievement is something that has to be created in NEST and then called via server side code in the developer's game. For example, reach 200 points in a game. Achievement has a name and XP points that the user will gain by reaching it.

Card Drops

Card Drops are some specific achievements that you can have in game. For example, win a game. Normally you would have 3-5 cards to be set up as a drop, cards can be designed to drop as NFTs as well. Cards can be designed by series, so for example game version 1 can have 3 cards and then expansion pack another 3 cards.


Badges are designed to appear when you receive all cards in the same series. Badge also gives


Leaderboards, these are core in NEST. Basically fairly flexible ones, so developers can create them dynamically, let’s say Daily, Weekly leaderboards and reset anytime. Also leaderboards designed to calculate prize distribution if you choose any.

Sample Games

Our first example game is called 2048. We took an open source game and added a blockchain side in there.



Plunge into the 19th century Gold Rush atmosphere from your device! This exciting game of strategy gives players endless opportunities to earn crypto...